Unique Priority pricing options


Unique pricing structure puts you in control. With a range of different pricing options in the form of priority pricing. You decide how urgent your request is and  choose from four pricing options that best suits your budget. Unlike other companies online, we don’t stick to the hourly rate you are quoted with. We have a more flexible approach that works better for you.

Priority pricing is separated into four options 

Priority 1 :- Attendance within the hour of booking confirmation, used for the most urgent cases, these carry the highest premium 

Priority 2 :- Attendance between 2-3 hours of booking confirmation, these carry a high premium and are used mainly for not urgent cases but require fast and immediate attention.

Priority 3 :- Attendance between 3-4 hours of booking confirmation, these carry a more affordable option if the job can wait till later but is still required on the same day

Priority 4 :- Attendance 4 hours or later, this may be the next day or for advanced bookings. This is the most affordable option available.

How it works

Priority 1

Whilst every effort will be made to attend site within the hour, there may be circumstances beyond our control that may affect arrival time, this could be engineers present location, geographical location of property or traffic conditions etc. If our engineer arrives after the confirmation booking time ie. between 2-3 hours then your priority price plan would reduce accordingly. Win win.

Priority 2

Attendance between 2-3 hours from booking confirmation. If our engineer fails to attend your works request within this time frame and falls into the priority 3 time schedule, then your priority price plan (PPP) would be reduced accordingly. In other words if we are late you pay less! Win win.

Priority 3

Attendance between 3-4 hours from booking confirmation. This works in the same way as priority 2. In other words, if we can’t meet the time promised we will reduce your PPP to Priority 4  price plan. Win win

Priority 4

Attendance after 4 hours of booking confirmation. This is the cheapest option for our customers and no further discounts apply for this price plan. Whilst every effort will be made to fulfill your request, this option does not give a guarantee that a engineer will attend your request on the day of booking, this may be that a higher priority requests received that day would always come first and

push priority 4 plans further back.

Price guide

Prices based on normal working hours Mon-Fri Between 07:30-17:00. Works request outside these hours, weekend and bank holidays  would be charged at a higher rate. Our control centre would be able to advise on costs for these on application

Change your priority

Pre-booked Priority plans can be changed at any time. If for instance you have booked priority 4 where site attendance cannot be guaranteed that day, just call our control centre and ask for a priority upgrade, this will ensure your request is guaranteed to be attended to on that day. This would of course come at extra cost.